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About Eveline

Eveline started surfing at the age of 7. Since then, the idea of making surfing her life has stuck with her. She now spends just 2 months a year at home. The rest of the time, she’s in places where the waves are the highest, the most challenging and diverse. Where she can learn. Where she can improve. From England to France, from Australia to Hawaii. 

Eveline's decision to focus on a full-time surfing career as a Dutch sportswoman says a lot about her. She doesn’t take the easy route. Not having the favourable surfing conditions that her American or Australian competitors have and no mapped-out path to reach the international top in her sport has not deterred her. It is thanks to this perseverance, which is so characteristic of Eveline, that she can now compete with the best surfers in the world.

"I loved surfing from day one, because you're at the mercy of the whims of nature. Every place and wave is different. It gives you a sense of freedom. You can't plan in advance what the conditions will be like.”


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Eveline is passionate, ambitious and will do everything in her power to leave her biggest competitors behind her. She plans ahead and is structured. If there aren’t any waves, or if the weather conditions aren’t favourable, she’ll make sure she has a well-thought-through alternative. ‘Always 100 %’ is her slogan and this plays a major role in all of her choices.

Eveline is headstrong, independent. She gets up every day to become the best and to pursue her dreams.  She's a real go-getter. Eveline never chooses the easy route and creates her own path to success in order to put herself and the Netherlands in the world top of surfing.

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