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First of All is an athlete management agency that is focused on realising the wishes and ambitions of the athlete. This forms the foundation of our collaboration with our athletes and guides everything we do. Based on this personal approach and on the strength of the athlete, we make lasting connections with companies. Together, we create successful partnerships in which quality comes first and the details really matter.


Founder of First of All, Derek Schippers

Driven by his years of experience in intensive coaching of his sister Dafne Schippers, Derek decided to also help other athletes who are on similar paths. His main goal is to provide optimal support, helping athletes maintain their enjoyment of the sport and control over their athletic careers, all while taking a personalized and approachable yet business-savvy perspective.

First of All collaborates with Dafne Schippers, Keet Oldenbeuving, Niek van der Velden en Sam Vermaat.  


Do you fit as a partner with First of All? Our partners are sport-minded and have a high level of ambition, just like our athletes. They go against the grain and use the energy, connection, and exceptional performance around sports to achieve their own goals.

Does First of All fit with you? We believe in the power of sports and use it to achieve business objectives. Together, we look for overlaps in our missions and proactively work on a suitable brand connection. This helps you reach younger or specific target audiences, increase the awareness of your product or services, and strengthen positive and healthy associations. This can be modular and per athlete, depending on your personal needs, or in combination with our entire team of athletes.

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Are you a First of All partner?  First of All partners recognise themselves in the profile of the athletes. They are sport-minded, go against the usual flow and have high ambitions. They use the energy, connections and exceptional achievements around the sport to accelerate their own ambitions.

Is First of All the right fit for your business? With our athletes and the power of sport, we are committed to achieving business goals. Together, we look at where missions overlap, and work proactively on a suitable brand connection. For example, we can help you to reach younger or other specific target groups. We go for greater product or service awareness and work hard to strengthen positive and healthy connections. This can be in the form of a modular approach and per athlete, depending entirely on your company’s needs, or in the form of a connection with all of the First of All athletes.

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Are you a First of All athlete? The First of All athletes are characterised by their endless ambition to be the best in the world. They put themselves, their sport and their country on the map. In their sport they are stubborn, confident and the boss in their own world. Outside of it, they're down to earth, accessible and authentic. They make their own choices and aren’t afraid to go off the beaten track.

Is First of All fit what you need? First of All supports you in making choices that suit you. We also ensure that ancillary matters are well managed and meet the highest quality standards. From financial management, to legal assistance; from building your personal brand, to the search for suitable partnerships, whereby your individual needs and wishes always come first.

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